Freelance Graphic Designer

I get a kick out of making things beautiful, more functional, better and easier.


Qualified in the UK, then spent over 25 years working for various graphic houses & media groups in Hong Kong. 
Currently living in rural NSW, Australia, where I have spent the last 5 years setting up BlackSheep Studio, working with local and International clients. 


UK: Junior Designer: Isley Wilson and Bailey design (Swindon)


HONG KONG : Senior Graphic Designer: Expression Magazine (AMEX), Mandarin Oriental (Hotel Chain) The Peak magazine (Glossy)
The Asian Retailer (Trade), The Post Magazine (South China Morning Post) Asian Wall Street Journal - Personal Journal (Magazine).

Art Director:  Action Asia (Sports magazine),  Asian Advertising & Marketing Magazine.

Advertising & Marketing Manager: International College of Hong Kong & Hong Lok Yuen International School

Awards 1998: Netscape Gold: Design and created the A&M web page. 


AUSTRALIA clients: Northern Tablelands Local Land Services / Gwymac / Landcare / Macquarie University NSW / Lynch Flowers / Inverell RSM / Macintyre Development Unit (MDU)  / Inverell Community Gardens / Inverell High School / Granite Borders Landcare
/ Print Anything / PrintFresh / Aboriginal Health Unit.

INTERNATIONAL clients: Language Link (UK) / Kay Worboys Editorial Services (UK) / People in Business (UK) / Grazing Table (UK)
/ Tute Tutoring (HK) / OEP Online Education (HK) / Online Education Partnership (HK) / Michelle Harvey - Life Celebrant (UK) 


Publications:   Illustrated Children’s Book: The Three Wallaroos Of Green Swap. (Peter McCarthy) - 2006

                          Designed / Illustrated: Speaking Our Way - Aboriginal Language Book  - 2015 (Local Land Services)